Seniors Share Houses

Because many mature age people are struggling to find affordable rental accommodation a Facebook group called Seniors Share Houses was started. It helps seniors to find each other with a goal of sharing housing.

Our Story

In the summer of 2015, a woman in Australia wanted to do something about the high cost of housing and how it was affecting the older members of the community. She started a private Facebook group РSeniors Share Houses. This original group has grown to over 1200 members. But the need was much greater than just in her community.  Soon there was a Seniors Share Houses РSunshine Coast and Seniors Share Houses РBrisbane.

By early 2017, Seniors Share Houses had become an international network with the addition of Seniors Share Houses – Portland.

This is a grass-roots, volunteer network. Each group is co-managed by someone local. The groups do not provide housing, but are a safe space for people to come together and find each other.